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In June 28, 2016 the developer of IPTV STB Emulator for Android has received a "Google Play DMCA Notice" from Google Play: Google has removed both version (a free one and a paid one) of the application "IPTV STB Emulator" from Google Play, because of a complaint from Infomir LLC, the company, who've made MAG 250, MAG 254, MAG 260 and other devices of this series and "Stalker Middleware". Infomir LLC has sent complaint that "IPTV STB Emulator" is a registered name of Infomir ([1]). However, the application for Android with the name "IPTV Set-Top-Box Emulator" was released in October 1, 2012 (later in 2012 it's name in English has been changed to "IPTV STB Emulator" and this name users could see after they install the app), but Infomir has registered the name "IPTV STB Emulator" in May 1, 2013 (see the link above).

Infomir also complained that the applications violate some rights on the name "Stalker Middleware", however the apps never did that.

So, as the author of the original "IPTV STB Emulator", I, Maxim Vasilchuk, declare that I fully disagree with this decision of Google to suspend my applications on Google Play and I also declare that Infomir LLC doesn't have any rights on the name "IPTV STB Emulator", because it was used before as the name of my application.

To see that the name "IPTV STB Emulator" was really used before the date, when Infomir has registered this name as its trademark, you may search for this name in Google with filtering results by date (Google it from October 1, 2012, the date of the release of the app, to May, 1, 2013[2])