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These settings are for app version 0.8+.


App Language

Change application language (using Android's version by default, if available).

Hide navigation bar

Hide navigation bar with buttons (may not work on some devices). If this option is selected and you use a touchscreen to control the app, you may need to tap twice to show on screen buttons if they are hidden (the first time is to show navigation bar, it's an Android's restriction).

Always show overlay buttons

Show on screen buttons. Usually this option should be enabled. However you may disable it on STBs if buttons appear when you press a key on your remote control.

Accelerated rendering

Enable or disable hardware acceleration (for browser only).

Screen configuration

You may enable or disable screen rotating when device orientation is changed.

Keyboard configuration

Keyboard configuration

Remote control settings (not available in free version).

Configuration for remote control server to control a portal using software remote control for MAG-250/AuraHD/etc.

Boot options

Auto start on device boot

Start the app on device boot. Only works if device is installed on internal storage. If you have a lock screen enabled on your device (e.g. on phones or tablets) the app will be started after you unlock the device.


Stop in background

Pause app if you switched to another app.

Android TV

Android TV specific options

Enable recommendations

Enable recommendation cards on Android's main screen. The app will show cards for each profile you've configured for quick access to a profile.

Browser settings

Browser configuration

Scaling method

Select another scaling method for browser if portal is to big or too small. You don't need to change this option on most devices, except if your device has a low display resolution (less than portal's resolution, in most cases 1280x720).

Network settings

Change some network settings

Enable network cache

Enable caching of network requests. Speeds up portal loading in most cases. Disable if you get authentication error too often, or has another network specific issues.

Cache size

A size of network cache. Default value: 20MB.

IJK Player settings

Some low-level settings for IJK player. Change them only if you know what you are doing!

Use Media codec

Use Android Media codec for decoding. Only available on Android 4.1+.

Hide controls after...

Timeout before hiding screen buttons (ms). Default value is 3000 (3 sec.)